Conda packages

glotzerlab-software provides conda formatted packages built with cluster-specific MPI and CUDA libraries. Use it to add MPI- and GPU-enabled builds of the following software packages to your conda compatible environments on HPC resources:

  • hoomd
  • mpi4py

Important: These packages are built for ABI compatibility with packages on the conda-forge channel. Ensure that you have no packages installed from the default channel before proceeding.

miniforge provides a conda compatible environment pre-configured to install packages only from conda-forge. When you install miniforge with default options, replace:

  • {{ package-manager }} with mamba
  • {{ environment-path }} with $HOME/miniforge3

If you are using a different conda compatible package manager, use the appropriate {{ package-manager }} and {{ environment-path }}.

Do not install any MPI or GPU enabled packages from the conda-forge channel. The generic MPI and CUDA libraries provided by conda-forge will take precedence and prevent the cluster-specific libraries from operating correctly.

Development of glotzerlab-software is led by the Glotzer Group at the University of Michigan.

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