Building packages

If you are not a Glotzer Lab member, or you would like to build these packages on a new resource:

Note: Replace {{ package-manager }} with the name of your preferred conda compatible package manager executable.

  1. Install conda-build and boa into your environment:

    {{ package-manager }} install conda-build boa
  2. Obtain the glotzerlab-software source code:

    git clone
  3. Change to the conda directory:

    cd software/conda
  4. Load any modules needed to provide compilers, MPI, and CUDA (optional). For example:

    module load gcc openmpi cuda
  5. Build the packages:

    ./ hoomd mpi4py \
        --skip-existing \
        --variants "{'cluster': ['{{ cluster-name }}'], 'device': ['gpu'], 'gpu_platform': ['CUDA']}" \
        --output-folder {{ channel-path }}

Note: The output-folder is the directory where conda build will write the packages. Set the channel path file:/{{ channel-path }} in .condarc to match (see install).

Development of glotzerlab-software is led by the Glotzer Group at the University of Michigan.

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