Crusher (OLCF)ΒΆ

Crusher is a system at ORNL with identical hardware and similar software as the upcoming Frontier system.

Crusher does not support container execution at this time. glotzerlab-software instead provides a build script and a module environment to create an equivalent software stack.

First, clone the glotzerlab-software repository:

$ git clone
$ cd software

If you already have a clone, update it:

$ cd software
$ git pull origin trunk

Per OLCF policies, you should install your software in NFS under /ccs/proj/. For example, set the installation root directory to /ccs/proj/{your-project}/software/${USER}.

Build the software environment and install it into the root:

$ script/crusher/ /ccs/proj/{your-project}/software/${USER}
... compiling software will take several minutes ...

Activate the environment with:

$ source /ccs/proj/{your-project}/software/${USER}/

The environment is a python3 venv. You may extend it with additional python packages using python3 -m pip install:

$ source /ccs/proj/{your-project}/software/${USER}/
$ python3 -m pip install package

Use the following commands in your job scripts or interactively to execute software inside the container:

source /ccs/proj/{your-project}/software/${USER}/
srun {srun options} command arguments